Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wanting what was taken ...

"I had been wanting what was taken from me, not what had been given" - prince Caspian.

Last night we went with lovely friends to the new Narnia movie (which is EXCELLENT). I love movies that portray a Spiritual truth - and this one was full of them. My eyes filled with tears on more than one occassion. The Narnia books written by C.S. Lewis hold so many spiritual truths and so many pictures of what our spiritual life is like. When I watch such a movie or read such a book, I feel like the characters in the movie understand some of my deepest most real parts of my life - which are "unseen" to the human eye. The love between Lucy and Aslan - the longing for heaven (which was very strong in this movie), the need to stay here on earth and complete the task God has set before us in saving the lost and loving the people around us ...

Yesterday was also the six year mark since I had my deepest dream of children taken away. I spent the day with my Grammie and Mama and great friends - making spiced honey for Christmas gifts, laughing with Mama and Grammie - and then watching this movie with the Love of my life and our good friends. It was a blessed day. The quote from Price Caspian was a reminder that even as I will probably always miss the experience of having a baby that looks like my husband and I - the feeling of a baby moving inside me ... that that dream has been taken away - and I need to work extra hard on wanting what God has given me in my life. It also applies to pain. I could spend every moment longing to have the good health that has been taken from me - or I could spend that energy on throwing myself all the way into the life that God has given me and to use the opportunity of pain to grow more into what He designed me to be and to love Him more every day ...

It's not a choice you make once - having a good attitude faced with loss or pain is a continual moment by moment choice. And I for one want to live my life as a life of worship to the One who gave all to be our Savior and King.


  1. For me the movie stopped at the Prince Caspian line. I cannot find the exact quote on-line. People are only remembering it inexactly. I thought it went more like "For too long I have been chasing the things that were taken away from me, instead of what has been give to me."

  2. I was quoting what I remembered .. but you are right it could have been different slightly - however, the truth and essence of what he was saying remains the same.

  3. Personally I can't wait to buy the movie so that I can hear that quote again. That was pivotal for me.

    I appreciate C.S. Lewis and hope that there is enough support for movies like this that are not so dark in nature. Hollywood chooses material based upon what sells. I hope that good people will vote with their feet for good content like this.

    Best wishes to you in your journey to embrace what the Lord has given you. :o)


  4. Cheryl -
    I totally agree - this movie was so powerful and that quote was a turning point for me too. We are hoping to purchase it as soon as it comes out of DVD like we have with the other two Narnia movies. God bless you today!


  5. The exact quote is: "I've spent too long wanting what was taken from me, and not what was given."
    Wow, that is so true. Someday we will bow at the feet of Jesus and marvel at all he has done.