Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blessings fall like snow

Snow is falling outside my window. The ground is covered with a sparkly blanket and the tress look like an enchanted forest of beauty.

I love the snow.

I think it's so fun how snow can transform a grown man into a giddy little boy once again. This morning my husband left to head to school and 2 seconds later popped his head into the house and said with a great tone of thrilled pleasure: "IT'S SNOWING BABE!!" I love it! But today, I love the snow for a different and very personal reason. I love it because it cancelled my husband's classes for tomorrow. No, not because I don't want him in school, or need him home all the time (although that might be nice to have him with me all the time!). It's because tomorrow I am having a doctor stick a long needle into my spine and remove spinal fluid to see if I have meningitis causing the dizziness and headaches I have been having. A very sweet friend of mine was planning to drive me and sit with me and probably hold my hand during the proceedure - and I am so grateful for her willingness to help and was comforted knowing she would be with me. BUT, no one can ever take the place of comfort that my husband takes (no hman that is). So, now that the snow has cancelled his classes, I will feel safer with that needle in my back as his big strong hands hold mine and his comforting eyes look into mine, and his peaceful voice talk to me and distract me from the thought of that needle. I am just so happy. There are many "little" or "big" times when we can see God's specific blessings in our lives, and His comfort and love poured out on us. Tonight, I am feeling that as I see the peaceful snowflakes falling down, I feel God's blessings on me.

It's probably silly to think: but I think this snowfall is just for me tonight. Because my God loves me, and He knows what I need tomorrow. THAT is a reason to have joy.


  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Praise the Lord. What a glorious blessing to you in mist of [literal] pain.

  2. What a joy to realize how personal God is to each one of us. Snow, jut when you needed it most!