Friday, January 7, 2011

Year 2!

Ok - it's decided: I will continue blogging on the topic of living with joy through Christ. The focus in 2010 was specific to living in chronic pain, and as that is a big part of my life I will continue to explore specifics related to pain and joy .. BUT I also want to branch out and explore living in joy in regards to lots of areas of life. If you have input or topics you would specifically like me to look into please do let me know!

I am reading a great book that relates to this topic by John Piper (one of my all time favorite authors and pastors) it is called "When I Don't Desire God: How to fight for joy." Here are some quotes from the chapters I have been reading this week (it's been slow-going as my eyes and dizziness won't let me read for much time at all.

"Joy will not be rugged and durable and deep through suffering where there is not resolve to fight for it." - Piper

"James 1:12 says, ' Blessed is the man who remains stedfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will recieve the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.' The person who will receive the crown of eternal life is the person who successfully endures trial - that is, the person who fights for joy in the pain of loss and gets the victory over the unbelief of anger and bitterness and discouragment." - Piper

Fighting for joy is a very important part of the Christian live. Like I have said before: EVERYONE has some kind of pain or loss or sadness in life - and so all of us are called to fight against the temptation to grumble and whine and complain, and become bitter and choose joy and hope and eyes for God and eternity. I am linking to John Piper's website where you can find this book and others as well as sermon notes etc.

What will this year bring for you? What will it bring for me? What will it bring for the United States, for the world? Let's be whole-hearted about seeking God and the different kind of happiness that only He can offer in every circumstance!

Update on my health: still waiting on tests - neurologist thinks that I may have a form of meningitis so waiting to have a spinal tap soon. Wearing aheart monitor as well to see what is causing the dizziness. 2011 is starting with all kinds of doctors and tests. I know God will be with me through it all.


  1. I am so happy that you are going to continue your blog!!! I, too, am a great fan of John Piper. One of my all time favorites is his book "Don't Waste Your Life." Thanks for the excerpts from "When I Don't Desire God . . ." It sounds wonderful, and I'm going to buy it. "The joy of the Lord is our strength," so it's something definitely worth fighting for!

  2. dear Artistofmysoul -
    thank you for your encouraging comments! Yes "Don'T waste your Life" is one of my favorites - this book I am reading now is wonderful too so good to be reminded to constantly turn our eyes upon Jesus! Have a happy Sunday!
    ali :)

  3. Ali, it's been a wonderful Sunday! Church this morning and then an inpromptu 30 minute trip to the next town to enjoy a leisurely lunch at The Olive Garden. It's rainy and cold here in southern Louisiana, so we're glad to be back home in the comfy warmth of the furnace.

    Hubby's about to build a fire in our woodburning stove and I'm going to settle into my recliner with my new ESV Study Bible, which is the version I've chosen to use to read through in this year of 2011.

    Have you heard of the book 'Jesus Lives' by Sarah Young? If you don't have it, I'd love to mail you a copy. You could send your mailing address to me at

    Praying for a resolution to your health issues and wisdom for the doctors.

    Blessings to you and your sweet husband.

    ♥ Cathy