Sunday, November 28, 2010

For my Husband

For all of you who go the extra mile to help others out this post is a shout out to YOU.

And most of all this is for you - my sweet husband.

Today has been an especially hard day for me physically. I was feeling pretty glad that I had just made it through the morning and afternoon and having cleaned up the kitchen - but kept feeling like I was forgetting something I was supposed to do. About then my husband came home from working lunch shift and I suddenly realized that the turkey I had cooked this week NEEDED to be taken apart and frozen for soup ... and of course this had to happen today (I had already put it off far too long). Being nauseated and dizzy and ripping apart a large turkey and straining the broth is a bad combination.

My husband has tons of homework to do - a big test tomorrow in one of his classes. But - rather than rush right into his homework he came and stood by me and helped me by doing the majority of the yucky work with the turkey. And I was able to freeze a bunch of home-made broth and extra meat as well as get a pot of turkey soup started. It only took about 30 minutes of his time, but that 30 minutes meant a lot more to me. It meant that I could do a job that felt impossible, and feel like I had accomplished something today - which as I have said before is a very important part of living with chronic pain. It meant that I could get more rest this evening and probably keep from feeling even worse. It meant a LOT to me.

I love when my husband picks me a fresh bouquet of flowers, or takes me out to dinner, or we take a walk in the park together ... but tonight I am perfectly happy with my husband my hero for helping me tackle this yucky job to show his love for me.

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