Friday, November 26, 2010


I am sure that many of your enjoyed a day with family or friends around a dining table enjoying time together and a wonderful meal. I enjoyed two such dinners only 3 hours apart with both my inlaws and my extended family. It was wonderful, and at both dinners we had the opportunity to say what we were thankful for: well, let me rephrase: we had the opportuniy to BEGIN to say what we were thankful for - because if we each went through and said everything we are thankful for it would take years. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a small list of my thanks to God:

1. First of all for a personal relationship with God - without this my life would feel empty even if I had everything I wanted.

2. for my sweet husband who knows me and loves me entirely and makes me want to be the best I can be

3. For parents who love each other

4. for neices and nephews who give me so many hours of joy

5. For my siblings and friends

6. that my husband has work

7. that my husband gets to go to school

8. for a home to live in

9. for food and a warm bad

10. running water

11. our church family

12. for music

13. for my piano

14. for light and electricity

15. for internet to help me stay connected

16. for medications

17. for photos and memories

18. for the ability to walk, talk, see, hear, taste, feel

19. for trees

20. flowers

21. bird and squirrels that give Grammie and I so many hour of entertainment

22. for transportation when we need to go places

23. for clothes to wear and shoes

24. for warm water

25. for poetry

26. for books

27. for the Bible

28. for prayer and that I can talk to God anywhere at any time

29. for chairs and table to eat with friends around

30. even for the pain that is my constant teacher as I walk through life ....

I could go on and on and I want to practice gratefulness in every area of my life. God has given so much and used so many things to teach me of His love and grace in my life and in others ...

Take some time to share thanksgiving by making a comment on my blog! Let's encourage each other!


  1. I have been spending time with you today via you blogs and I love what you are sharing. I too love the Lord Jesus Christ and taking in Bible Doctrine every day is priority. I have been dealing with unidentified Upper Right Quadrant pain that is thought to be Costochondritis and I am also waiting on Celiac Blood Panel results. I am Hypothyroid and insulin resistant. I had cancer last year and lost my job this year and this latest pain makes for a very low valley, but The Lord is with me and I praise Him for His ways and I know He will Provide! His Grace and Love are with me every step of the WAY!

  2. Welcome Martha! I am sorry to hear about your health concerns - but glad that you are sustained by our great God. Keep on keeping on! Feel free to email me privatly at God bless!