Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gratefulness list

Gratitude is a practice that we can never have too much of in our lives.  Today I am tired and my body is aching from the change in the weather (I know I sound like I'm 90 years old!).  I don't feel like doing anything, and it probably won't be a super "productive" day (I'll do what I need to for the responsibilities I have but I doubt I'll get any extra projects done today).  On days like this I think it is especially important to practice gratefulness.  In choosing to be thankful to God my heart enters into worship and that is where I want my heart to be always.

Today's Thankfulness List:

I'm thankful for:

1. God - that He is always there and I can talk with Him about everything.
2.  That My Husband finished an important exam on his journey to becoming a teacher yesterday.
3.  For my sweet nieces and nephews - each of them makes me smile so much and I love them all.
4.  For our living situation - such a blessing and a treasured time in our lives.
5.  For peaches - YUM and strawberries!
6.  That I get to can peach jam this week with my sis
7.  For parents who love each other so well.
8.  for the beautiful rain last night (our garden needed it!)
9.  that we get to go to evening church tonight and learn more about prayer
10.  for the sweet times I get to spend with my precious Grammie
11.  for flowers :)
12.  that all my siblings are living lives for Jesus
13.  That the zucchini bread I made yesterday turned out!
14.  for good friends
15.  for the fun new hobby of crocheting!
16.  for all the weddings I have been able to create floral arrangements for this summer.
17.  for clean laundry!
18.  for the love of an amazing man

What's on your list today?


  1. Ah, such uncommon and common graces! Really enjoy your blog - and pray for you often. Grace to you as a new week has begun...

  2. Thanks - I always love to "meet" new blog friends! God bless you this week too!