Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have no idea what this nurse was thinking.  Here I was spending time in the hospital, (this was about 5-6 years ago)sick as a dog and during "small talk" she tells me that it's probably best that I don't date anyone or get married since I am often in the hospital and sick.  I lay there is total shock until my little sister walked into the room to visit me - I told her what the nurse said to me and I just lost it.  I couldn't believe that someone would be so judgemental on my life - someone who didn't even know me!  My sweet little sister marched out and demanded to talk to my doctor and reported the behavior of the nurse.  I was so proud of her!  Even in that horrible experience, I was so blessed to see someone I love very much stand up for me.

I sometimes think of that nurse and wish that I could find her now and she could see my life ... and my HUSBAND!  I will admit that it takes a very special person to marry someone they know will likely have limited health her whole life.  It takes a special man to give up having biological children to be with a women who is barren.  It takes a miracle to make a marriage work when sickness is part of everyday life.  But then again, I think it takes a miracle to make marriage work at all!  Two people who are different coming together, having to learn to think of the other's needs above their own, living together and sharing every part of their lives.  Yes, there have been struggles in our young marriage centered around my health - but some of the most bonding moments we have had have revolved around health.  We treasure today because we know it's all we're guaranteed.  We learn to go with the ups and downs of health and change our plans when we have to.  I'm learning to serve my sweet Husband even when I don't feel good enough to do the things I want to - and He is learning to appreciate the things I do that are hard for me.  We have grown, and with God's presence we will continue to grow more and more in love - true lasting unconditional love. 

And, to that nosey nurse, I'd like to say: Look at me now!  Marriage has probably been the best thing for me and my health.  I think the reason for this is because I feel totally chosen and loved and accepted despite my health.  Friends have come and gone - but my Husband has committed to me "in sickness and in health".  The confidence that gives me brings relief from pain and energy to my tired body. 

He loves me.  The best medicine in the world!


  1. You are SO blessed Alicia and I am glad you have such a wonderful husband ; who loves AND supports you know matter what!

  2. That picture says it all Ali! I know my Husband was sent to me by God, because I could never have found him on my own. Joe is six years younger than me, and when we were first married I was able to keep up with him. Not any more! Joe wanted a large family. I came from a family of five, and his family had four. Thanks to God I had two beautiful boys for him, but I did lose two. I always have imagined they would have been our "baby girls". My first health scare was when my first baby was only two months old, and it was downhill from there. He has stuck with me for 25 years now! We are both lucky and blessed Ali!

    I hope you are healing and feeling better everyday!

    And BRAVO for your sister!!

  3. Alicia...I love this. Thank you.