Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little basil trick

Hi everyone!  Well, this is gonna be a short post.  I'm especially tired today.  But our sweet neighbor called and told me to come get some things from her garden before she turned it over for the fall.  So I walked up to her house and came home with a huge bag of basil and beats and chard.   I LOVE basil!  We used to grow 100 foot rows of it at the farm and I would pick it and feel like I was in aromatherapy heaven!  Well, the thing I don't love about fresh basil is that is doesn't grow here in the winter, AND it also doesn't last long after it's been picked.  You can make pesto (which i love so much) but today I don't have the ingredients for pesto, so here is an easy way to save the basil year-round!

Take the clean leaves of basil and toss them into a food processor.  Grind them up.  At the end toss in some olive oil.  This should be the consistency of a nice paste.  Take the mixture and put it in ice cube trays.  Freeze til hard then transfer to freezer bags.  When you want some fresh basil taste in January take a cube or two, dethaw and toss it over your pasta or veggies or whatever you want!  I love how easy this is!  It's a great way to have yummy herbs (you can do it with any fresh herb) at your fingertip year round.  It's also not soo difficult to do that I won't do it because of my fading energy levels.  I know a lot of you have issues with energy which I think go hand in hand with chronic pain (or for you busy mama's out there too!), so I figured it might be a good tip to share!


  1. Wahoo Basil!! I kinda had a moment like this today...except with Pumpkins and Squash. :)

  2. oooohhh I LOVE pumpkins and squash - cannot wait til I make my first loaf of pumpkin bread for the fall!