Saturday, May 15, 2010


I don't know about you, but when I am in a lot of pain it is hard to eat - and on top of that being on medications often takes away my appettite or makes me nauseated. This is a continual struggle for me. I really understand that eating healthy helps manage pain, but there are times when the only thing I can get into me is a popsickle or fruit snacks. I also understand that the people who love me want to do everything they can to help me be as healthy as I can, and sometimes that involves bugging me to eat healthy. From some people that is good - the people who have earned the right to speak into my life on such a personal level. But, I find it weird that almost anyone can judge what or when I am eating and tell me that I am doing it wrong! Now, I have definately not perfected how to eat healthy while in pain, but I am sure trying, and when someone who I don't even know very well, comments about that I should eat more etc. it is very hurtful. Or even when someone who does have the place in my life where they can give me critisism, is continually bugging me about what I eat it makes me sad. Is this all I am to you? Is what I eat your main concern? It sometimes makes me feel like I have nothing to offer, all I am is a burden and a child who needs to be fed.

Maybe I have earned these kinds of critisisms in my life - I know that I most definately have made ba food mistakes in the past ... but what I want those outside of me to know, is that I AM trying and that when you see me eat an apple, or even a healthy juice popsicle often that is a huge discipline for me to eat while feeling like throwing up. Give me some credit because it is a huge struggle! Encouraging me when I do make good food choices will make a lot more progress than discouraging me when I am unable to eat or when I eat things that aren't helpful.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree. My Mom always tells me I shouldn't drink so much Diet Pepsi...I want to tell her that I DID hear her last time she told me that! You can't keep everybody eat anything makes you feel good.

  2. Ali, I just gave you an award over on my blog! Hugs to you, hope you are having a peaceful day.

  3. Thanks ladies - and thank you so much Lucy!!! I have been off for a few days as we have been gettig ready to move and it has been crazy around here!!!