Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let us Give

It feels so good to help. I think that helping other people is esential to being human. As someone in chronic pain sometimes I feel that the world expects me to be an invalid and that I will just receive help from others and give nothing back. Even someone who is bedridden and suffering greatly has the oportunity to help others in some way. In previous posts I have talked about the importance of thinking of others and not allowing the selfishness that comes naturally (to all humans I think!) take over and rob you of the joy of thinking outside of yourself. Since this month I am focusing on what I would like to say to those who are not living with chronic pain, I will twist it around: LET US HELP! Encourage the friends, or spouce you have who i in chronic pain to reach out and help. Be thankful when that person does help out rather than judgemental ("You shouldn't have done that!", "You should be resting!" etc.) Yes, sometimes by helping others we might cause our pain to increase a little but in the grand sceme of things it is so worth it! Helping others gives meaning and joy to life. Receiving help from that person in chronic pain may be hard (especially if you are the caretaker or used to offering help to him/her) but it is important that you accept that help gratefully and with love. Allowing God to work through someone in chronic pain to help, comfort, advise etc. takes practice for some people who are used to being the "strong one". But what a gift you are giving by allowing that loved one who is in pain to be a blessing to you!

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