Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Help Me Dream!

Go Skydiving
Grow all my food in a home garden
Build a school for orphans in Africa
Learn to Ski
Fish on a fishing boat
Ride an elephant in Africa
Go on a real safari
write a book
make a cd of songs I have writen
be a mommy

Years ago when I was stuck in bed sick - I wrote a list of things that I dreamed of doing in my life. Even laying sick in bed I dream big dreams. There was a time when dreaming ended for me - but I am learning (with the loving help of my amazing husband) to dream again. One thing that I want you (those without chronic phyical illness or pain) to understand is that we (those in chronic pain) DO have big dreams and we long very deeply for adventure. We don't need you or anyone else to tell us that our dreams are unrealistic. Please don't stamp out the candle flame of our hopes and dreams!

One of the most attractive things about my husband (even before he was my husband!) is (and was) that he always believes that I can do things that are exciting - in fact, he believes it even when I forget. I'll always remember New Year's Eve last year, it was only 6 months since we had been married - and during that 6 months my chest pressure and pain had become chronic year-round (it had been seasonal at first), our family farm had been taken from us, our ministry with youth had been taken from us, my love of arranging wedding flowers had been taken from me, we had to move from our little rental for lack of money to pay the rent, an opportunity to adopt had been offered to us which we had to turn down ... I was crying and as my husband held me close I said: "I don't know how to dream anymore", my husband simply said: "will you dream my dreams with me than?" and I said: "yes". I didn't have the strengh to dream on my own - but he understood that I needed his help to teach me how to dream in the face of such total loss and disappointment. I think this is a perfect example of how someone without chronic pain helped me and understood the importance of dreams and hopes. I have had many other times when people have told me that I shouldn't dream certain things because of my health.

So, to those who are reading who do not have the experience of chronic pain or illness: speak encouragment and hope into the lives of those around you who are suffering - speak life and not death, speak adventure and excitment, not discouragment! You may not know what power your words may have!


  1. Very nice, Alicia! Good for you and that is very inspiring!