Thursday, October 27, 2011

Putting the apples back in the cart

One thing that I think everyone would agree is difficult about having health issues and chronic pain is that it seems whenever you get into a good routine with life something topples the apple cart .. so to speak.   I was walking or doing just some bit of exercise every day (by walking i mean like even a 10 minute slow walk - which was awesome for me!), and I was eating well avoiding sugar etc, and taking all my medications at the right times ....  But it does always seem like something happens to mess up my schedule and then I have the choice of leaving it all messed up or getting back up and trying again.  There are things that are often helpful for chronic conditions: some type of exercise (even exercises done sitting etc.), eating healthy whole foods, drinking lots of water .. basically all the things that are good for every human.  The difference is that those of us with chronic pain sometimes will suffer greater immediate pain if we don't do these things (every human will at some point if they don't live healthy .. but that's a different soapbox!).  Our bodies are a gift from God and weather we are "normal" or in chronic pain we have a responsibility to take care of them to the best of our ability!

So, back to the apple cart.  This week I just pretty much gave up on everything for a few days.  Partly because of a flair up I needed to not do a lot of physical exercise (but I could have done very light stretches etc.), and partly because I somehow lost motivation.   Just like anything, we have choices about what we do in situations like this.  And I'm choosing to get back up and pick up the apples and get going on taking better care of myself again.  Today was a LOVELY day so I went out and walked (for 14 minutes!) and made a nice healthy breakfast with apples and oats .. and I ordered some vitamins which are about to run out.  No one else is responsible for my body, so I need to do all I can to take care of it!   Just because our bodies may not work perfectly, doesn't mean we get out of the work of taking care of them!  In fact, I guess we have more responsibility to do all we can to be healthy.  No saying: "If I was stronger I would exercise", "If I felt better I would eat healthy."  No excuses!  (believe me I have used them plenty in my life but I am realizing that excuses get me nowhere!)

What are YOU doing to stay healthy today?

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