Friday, October 28, 2011

Texting at 12:51 am

I like texting.  It seems less demanding than talking on the phone to me - and since my sweet Husband is up studying late I am not disturbing him by talking.  But I have been sitting here for quite a while texting 2 conversations at the same time.

One is with a sweet friend who is recovering from VERY painful surgery.  She has had surgeries over and over and definately knows physical and emotional pain.

The second is a dear friend who is going through very hard emotional and relational suffering right now.   This friend has been through a lot and my heart goes out to her.

My heart just aches for both of my friends tonight.  And texting them both just reinforces the truth that ALL of us have some kind of pain in our lives.  And also reminds me that we NEED each other to get through it all.  God didn't make a mistake when he made more than just one human.  He knew that we would need each other to be stretched and to grow and to comfort and challenge and love each other.  I'm not always the best friend in the world .. I think it's an area I struggle with and it has never come easy.  When I was a kid I often just played outside all by myself .. or with my stuffed animals and dolls .. but that's a rabbit trail!  Being a good friend takes energy and sometimes I don't feel like I have it.  But I am determined to always work on being better at this - because it is just too important!  I treasure the true friends that are in my life, and I want to be the listening ear and comforting arms that my friends need.

I don't know how much help texting at 12:49 am is .. but it's what I have to give right now, that and my prayers.

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  1. have such a beautiful way of putting things. You are extremely honest and Im sure your friends will understand. I know mines do. Ive been horrible to my dearest friends but they are still here..its a measure of true friendship.