Monday, April 18, 2011

Adjust Yourself

So, I was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital the other day - in between some testing I was having done, and I overheard something that might change my attitude forever.

As I sat there an elderly couple came and sat down.  She was so cute and pettite her white hair framing her black skin beautifully.  He was wearing the same kind of cap that my late Grampy used to wear - and his hands were worm from a life of hard work.  He called someone on a cell phone and left a message to the effect that he needed help fixing a broken down car.  (I wasn't trying to listen but they were sitting super close and it was unavoidable).  After he got off the phone he seemed agitated and said something to his wife about how frustrated he was about the lack of transportation because of the broken down car.  Then his sweet frail little wife said something that I will remember forever.  She hardly looked up but said something about how she wished he would stop fussing over the car since there was nothing he could do about it - and then these two words that jumped out to me: "Adjust Yourself."  Followed by: "You'll live longer if you don't let things bother you."

Adjust Yourself. 

The circumstanes in life are NOT always sunshine and roses.  There IS pain in the world.  There are things that cause us a lot of frustration if we let them.  We can't control the circumstances - but what we can do in those moments of frustration is adjust ourselves. 

I'm NOT always happy.  The name of my blog might lead you think that that is my goal. No.  Happiness by the world's standards is fleeting.  But the true and lasting joy that comes from adjusting ourselves to the plans and love of God in every circumstance is possible every single day.  Take some time today and ask God if your attitude needs adjusting.

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