Friday, April 22, 2011

O Sacred Head Now Wounded

Standing up for the Christain faith is NOT popular in our culture.  Or, should I say that standing up for Christian faith that is exclusive is not popular.  It is VERY culturally acceptable to talk about "god" or spirituality or each person's own individual way to peace etc.  But when the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way (John 14:6 " Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.' ")  it becomes much less acceptable.  We live in a culture where "All roads lead to Rome" and absulute truth is under constant attack.  In fact I am sure that there are those of you reading this blog who are mad at me right now for taking this stand.  I love people and care about what people think - but ultimately I stand before God on what I believe and what I stand for publically and privately.

Well, on this Good Friday I am here to say that I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who died for my sins (and the sins of the whole world) and raised from the dead 3 days later - to bridge the gap between the holiness of God and sinfulnes of man.  My entire life is based on the redeeming work of Jesus Christ - the hope of heaven and the constant friendship I have with the Creator of the universe.  The work Jesus did on the cross brings me to my knees.  All day the words to this old hymn have been in my heart - and I want to challenge you to read them OUT LOUD :

O Sacred Head Now Wounded

Text: Anonymous; trans. by Paul Gerhardt and James W. Alexander


1. O sacred Head, now wounded,

with grief and shame weighed down,

now scornfully surrounded

with thorns, thine only crown:

how pale thou art with anguish,

with sore abuse and scorn!

How does that visage languish

which once was bright as morn!

2. What thou, my Lord, has suffered

was all for sinners' gain;

mine, mine was the transgression,

but thine the deadly pain.

Lo, here I fall, my Savior!

'Tis I deserve thy place;

look on me with thy favor,

vouchsafe to me thy grace.

3. What language shall I borrow

to thank thee, dearest friend,

for this thy dying sorrow,

thy pity without end?

O make me thine forever;

and should I fainting be,

Lord, let me never, never

outlive my love for thee.

"What laungage shall I borrow to thank Thee Dearest Friend?"  Words utterly fail me as I think of the agonizing death that Jesus died to save those who have turned their backs on Him (ME! and YOU!).   The end of this hymn is beautiful - "should I fainting be, Lord, let me never, NEVER outlive my love for Thee."  No matter what you are facing today that makes you want to faint - fear or pain or anything else - keep your love for Jesus alive.  That is what matters more than anything.  And this is my prayer as I go into this Easter weekend.


  1. Gabriela MaycumberApril 26, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    I love this hymn...speaking it out loud was hard, especially with that video and your words in mind. It's so heartbreaking to accept how much pain Jesus suffered, and how willing He was to do it! Any love I have for Him pales in comparison and it does so bring me to my knees. I am so thankful!

    My facebook profile has been deactivated for a while. Would you please e-mail me?
    Thanks sweet lady!