Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keep Your Eyes Open!

I've been reminded this week of how God brings us just what we need at the perfect time.  Sometimes it doesn't seem like He does.  I have had plenty of times in my life where I shout into heaven: "WHY" - why do I struggle with constant health issues when others are free to do the things they want to do.  Why do I feel alone in the area of infertility.  Why are we living paycheck to paycheck?  Sometimes, it definately feels like God is on a totally different timeline - with a different view of what is really important in life.  And in actuality I think a lot of living a life of joy amidst our circumstances is choosing to shift our priorities to those of God - constantly working through His grace in growing closer to Him each day so that our "needs" are alligned with what He knows is best for us.  So that our time is in line with His greater timeline.

I also think that as we walk through life we need to keep our eyes open.  We might feel that God has forgotten about a particular need we have, but if we look closly we will see how He brings answers into our lives at the perfect time.  Here are some of the ways I have seen God work in the resent days:

1. Doctor - I had contacted my doctor and didn't hear back for a long time, I thought that probably she was not going to be able to help in this situation - but as it turned out she has worked on the issue at hand and is going out of her way to help me out with a blood test that my insurance won't cover - working on trying to keep it as cheep for me as possible.  Then on the very day we found out about this test we received an annonomous gift in the mail for almost the exact amount that we will need to pay for this testing!  No clue who sent that to us (if you are reading - THANK YOU!) God's provision as we stepped out in faith to pursue this.

2. Beauty of Creation: Wanted to get out yesterday in the sun so we went to the park with my Grandmother.  It was just so lovely and sunny and we got to feed the ducks and geese by hand.  It was just one of those times that you know God planned - we had so much fun just enjoying creation.

3. Met a fun couple yesterday who are also struggling with infertility and looking into adoption.  We don't have any friends who are in the same boat that we can talk with and share with.  We absolutely love all the precious babies that our friends and siblings have brought into our lives - but sometimes we just feel alone in wanting a baby but not having one.  Blessed by these new friends and the way God brings people into our lives at the perfect time to encourage each other.

4. Got a comment this morning from a new friend of the blog - randomly found the blog this morning while sipping coffee.  Sounds like she was encouraged by my blog (which all  the credit goes to God for any of that!) and I am just happy to see that she found me!  This week I have been really struggling with feeling like the enemy wants me to stop blogging out of fear.  Fear of people.  Fear of rumors.  Fear of uninformed judgement.  Seeing a new friend who is encouraged by what I write today gives me new strength.  I know this is what God wants me to do at this time.  I know there will be those who stand against what I am doing, who judge my life ... but knowing one person is helped by what I do and knowing that God is the One who knows all and will judge fairly - these things keep me going. 

Perfect timing.  A Perfect God. 

I would LOVE to hear your stories of how God has met you at the perfect time with just what you really needed.  Please comment on this post to share!

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