Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Can I Help?

I'm a housewife.  I wanted this job my entire life.  Sometimes, when my husband is tired from being away from the home all day, and working so hard to make ends meet I wonder what I am doing to help.  When you add all the medical bills that I am constantly creating it can make me feel bummed.  My husband wants me to stay home which I love.  I'm kinda old-fashioned I guess but I love being the one greeting my husband at the door with the smell of freshly baked bread on the air.  While I do work some odd jobs from home and love it - I still sometimes need to remind myself that the things I do here at home are really valuble and are a great help and encouragment to my sweet husband.

Well, here are some hints to what I can do to be a good housewife to my amazing husband:
My husband appreciates the time and creativity I put in to make our sweet basement apartment feel like home.  I enjoy decorating and I love to make the house look fresh and new by switching things around.  I don't have a window in my kitchen so this shelf (which my Daddy made for me a million years ago) is my "window" in front of the sink.  I decorate it for each season and have so much fun doing it!
I make yummy (usually) and nutritious food for my husband and I to enjoy.  The way to a man's heart is through his tummy you know.  (this is a chicken burger seasoned with herb de provonce, with a kale and lavender balsamic mayo and carmelized onions - delicious oh and with and a home made bun)
This was the first meal I ever made for my husband when we got home from our honeymoon.  We loved that deck (and the meal wasn't half bad either - chilli with fresh cilantro and limes)  Notice the flowers and presentation.  My Daddy always told us that presentation was super important when making a meal, and it's amazing how much more I can bless my husband when I put even a tiny bit of effort into making it look nice and romantic.

And last but definately not least: lots of kissin' is another way I can help my sweet husband.  As a new wife I am learning that sometimes the most kind thing I can do is take a second to give a kiss before he walks out of the door or when he comes home at night.  Even if I am not feeling 100% or it's been a long day, or I'm sick of doing dishes ... a simple kiss can make him feel like I care.


  1. How sweet! The way you make your Hubby feel is wonderful. I have been married for 25 years, and my favorite sound is Joe's key in the front door when he comes home from work. I wish you 25 years of happiness too!

  2. Thanks Mo! I love hearing marriage success stories like yours! It is such a joy to be a wife to a wonderful man. Thanks for being a faithful reader! (and commenter - you should see how excited I get every time I see a new comment on my blog!)