Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Project Per Day

I started a new "thing" this week.  It's called: "One Project Per Day".  As a bit of an overachiever, but also sometimes a bit lazy, I needed a good balance between doing everything in one day and being totally useless the next 3 days.  I made a list of things I would like to get done around the house and yard - things that are kind of extra and that feel overwhelming if I think of doing them all in one day.  Here is an example:

I needed some signs in our veggie garden so that I would know what was where - someone (who will remain annonomous) lost my tiny paintbrush which is what I will blame the sloppiness of the signs on - oh and the fact that I don't know where the chop saw is (and YES I do know how to use a chop saw) to make my own nice even little pieces of wood - I just found these in the kindling box. ;) 
Aren't my baby broccoli cute?!?!

Ok so potatoes aren't really up yet (except one that is in the back)- and the onions are freaking out after being transplanted.  I will have to add some pictures when the garden actually looks good.

THIS is what I would love my signs to look like - this was a bridal shower gift which I just really really like a ton. :)  As you can see the garden is definately in process.  So far I have the broccoli, peas (just came up ysterday!), onions, potatoes (only one is showing it's head), and lettuce greens which you can see some of here:

My BABIES!  Not only do I feel great when I get something done like these little signs - but I also love the natural therepy that being outside with my hands in the dirt gives me.  The whole world could be against me, but out in the garden I feel peace and total bliss.  If you don't have a garden, at least plant some flowers in a window box or a bot on your deck - it is so so good and a great way to escape from any type of pain.
Don't overdo it - just tell yourself: One Project Per Day!  (Ok I'll admit I did 3 yesterday - but they were all little ones and lots of fun)


  1. Your pansies are so cute! I have tried many times to grow veggies. Either the birds or the chipmunks get to them...I don't even try anymore! Hope you garden is bountiful this year!

  2. Thank you Mo! I am hoping the veggies grow - we don't have much sun here. I appreciate your comments you keep me going!

  3. I stumbled across your blog this morning while sipping my coffee....can't even begin to tell you it was just what I needed...truly an answer from God:)

  4. Hi Jenny! Thank God that He meets us right where we need to be met! Praying His grace and peace for you today new friend.