Thursday, April 28, 2011

some thoughts on good doctors

Doctors get a bad rap.  Some of them definately deserve it.  Some of the things we blame on doctors aren't  their fault at all - some of it is the insurance or legalities of their job.  Some of it is probably beng tired of dealing with sick people all the time.  But, in my years I have definately met some bad doctors for one reason or another.  Doctors that just throw medications at symptoms, doctors who only think inside the little box they know - or doctors who don't want to deal with someone who is in chronic pain and illness.  It's probably frustrating for them too. 

But because of some of the bad doctors I have met - I'm even more grateful for doctors who really do try to take the best care of their patients that they can.  Today I got some paperwork from my doctor who worked doing research for hours this week looking up some testing she is going to run for me.  This took her a long time and a lot of waiting (not always patiently) on my part.   Last week I showed up for the blood test and found out that they needed to do more looking into the test since it was very specific and she didn't want to do it wrong.  She has been working with me for over  years - and others in her office were working with me as a 7 year old kid with asthma and then again as a teenage when I started dealing with more complex health issues.  It is good to have a relationship with a good doctor.  I am very grateful to have this specilist as well as my pcp who I have been with for many many years as well.  It is tempting when you are always dealing with pain and health issues to want to ditch any doctor who doesn't or can't offer real help right away - but I think if the doctor is at least trying to help and is willing to work with you sticking with it is the best option. 

But back to my gratefulness:  I am just SO thankful to Dr. M for helping me with this and taking time (which I wasn't paying her for!) to research the best tests possible for me.  It is sadly rare for doctors to be able to take extra time or to have the patience to work with a person like me who may never get fully well on this earth.  So, for all of you doctors out there: Be like Dr. M - be loving and caring and be willing to go the extra mile.  It just might be the encouragment someone needs to keep going today.  And for all your patients out there: stick with it!  Be your own advocate and be willing to work with your doctor - open communication is always best with doctors.

Those are my thoughts for today!


  1. It is a gift to have doctors who listen to you, and believe you. I have three doctors who are the best doctors for GP, my endocrinologist, and my neurologist. (I also have a great dentist)

    We are lucky Gals!

  2. I too have a Dr. that is willing to listen to me and to try to find out what my underlining cause is for my chronic pain's! Sometimes the waiting and going to the different specialists and all the different testing is never ending!! Fortunately when you CAN take care of one of the chronic item's you have been dealing with for helps remind me that the rest will happen in time!