Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh for Pity sake!!

This morning I had the joy of sleeping in as long as I wanted (which ended up being til about 9) .. I actually have that pleasure pretty much every day. I woke up and had yummy rice bread toast - but could have had a number of other tasty and healthy things from my fridge or pantry. I decided that since it is the birthday of my Great Aunt I would make some of my favorite shortbread tea cookies for her - and I LOVE to bake and cook. I put the cookies in the sweet little oven I have and they turned out lovely. I talked with the sweetest mama on earth today - and I just love talking with her. Then I got the mail and a box full of our wedding pictures (which we finally got developed!) came! Grammie and I had a fun time looking at pictures and just visiting. I watered my baby veggie and flower starts and am REALLY excited about the gardens that I get to tend this spring and summer! I LOVE planting things! This afternoon I think I may do a little laundry, run some errands and think of something delicious for dinner for us. My husband will be home so maybe we will watch a Friday night movie!

Yes, I do have chronic pain. BUT that does not mean that I don't have a full and VERY Happy life. Each one of you has things in your life that are no fun - we ALL do - we all have responsibilities (I get sick of doing dishes all the time - but it's part of loving to cook!) that we get caught up in at times. BUT it is so important to choose to live a life of thankfulness and joy every day. I get tired of people saying that because I am sick that they pity me - I have NOT asked for pity!!! Yes, I have chosen to live a life of transparancy hoping to use my experience to encourage others who might be dealing with health issues etc. Being honest about the fact that I have health issues is not because I want pity from any of you! I want this experience to be used! I don't think God allows things in our lives to be wasted. I have a wonderful life and God is always showing me the things I have to be thankful for no matter what! I am very grateful for this place that God has put my husband and I - yes he is in school and he just wants to get done, it isn't maybe the first choice (we would love to be on the mission field or adopting babies) but it is a good place and a place of a lot of growth. And I am blessed beyond words to have this deep relationship with my sweet Grammie and the joy of her company when my husband is at work in the evenings or doing homework. God has blessed us greatly with allowing us to live here and be close to Grammie - and I do hope we are a blessing to Grammie as well!

I thank God for my life and the joy of simple things that I get to take part in every day. I hope that you can say the same about your life no matter where you are today.


  1. Thanks for the uplifting post. I needed to read that today!

  2. you are so welcome Mo - we all need to be reminded sometimes :)