Monday, April 11, 2011


Occasionally I like to write out reasons I have to be thankful.  I think this is important for everyone to take the time to really think about the blessings in our lives, and purpose to look at the possitive rather than focus on pain or any circumstance that is hard for us.  Here is my list today:

1. God.  I know that's kind of an odvious one but I am just so so grateful that every moment through each day I have Someone to talk with Who understands everything and loves me unconditionally.

2. Sunshine!  I spent some time outside today and it was actually warm!  I love sunshine.

3. Rain - I also love rain - it makes it so cozy for taking a nap and being all cuddly with warm blankets.  I love that God created variety in weather.

3. Gummy Vitamins.  I know - kinda random, but I just love them!  I take calcium and fish oil in children's gummies and it makes me smile. :)

4. Music.  LOVE music.  Yesterday we got to stay for church (sometimes we can't because of Husband's work schedule) and I just loved being able to sing worship to our Great God.

5. My Husband!  He just walked in and I love how my heart skips a few beats every time I hear his voice.

6.  Flowers.  We planted pansies, impatients, alyssum and lots more and I just get so happy every time I see them.  This weekend I am putting together wedding bouquets for a bride and I am so excited about it!

7.  Friends. I'm chatting with one of my oldest and closets friends from college - I just love how we can know that the other one means without lots of explaination. 

8. The ability to write and read and connect with people over this blog!

9.  Farmer's Markets - we got lots of veggies yesterday and I am excited about eating them for dinner!

10.  Pictures - I love looking at pictures and remembering fun times and also looking at friend's pictures too.   I am always taking pictures because I want to remember everything!

There is so much fun that I am thankful for - but I would also love to hear your list of thankfuls today!  Send a comment!

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