Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Being Believed

My husband and I just got back from a visit to my primary care doctor. We were going over that latest tests which showed (by ultrasound) swelling and inflamation around my back of my heart. I have had undiagnosed chest pain for 5 years and have been to the ER many times with struggle to breath and been to specilist after specilist. Yesterday the new cardiologist that I have been seeing called me and told me that the reason this didn't show up on tests in the past is that it is hiding at the back of my heart and is hard to see on tests. But because of a good technologist and doctor with trained eye I now have a confirmed diagnosis! My primary care doctor said that some of the doctors from the hospital and offices here where I live had a meeting and my name came up as a possible case of phychosomatic (which basically means you are crazy and your sickness is all in your head) because none of them could find out what caused the chest pain (and I have other things going on as well). She told me that when they said that she stood up for me and said that she didn't believe that I was crazy but that I have something hard to diagnose. She belived in me when no one else did.

This month we've been talking about pain managment tools and the tool of being believed in is very powerful! Just knowing that someone believed you and how you are feeling even when others are questioning it is so comforting. It makes you feel less alone. My husband always has believed me and in how I feel and the pain I am having. He is such a comfort to me in my pain. If you have a doctor, spouce, friend, mentor, parent, sister, brother .. anyone who truely believes in you hold onto them with all you have. They may actually be your biggest tool (next to God Himself) to help you manage the pain that you have. If you are the friend, doctor, spouce... of someone who confusing or undiagnosed (or even diagnosed pain that is hard to understand) do all that you can to believe and help that person. I know that there are real cases of phychosomatic or other mental disorders affecting health and pain, and if you know someome like that do your best to help them too ... being that person that can be trusted and turned to when no one else is there is a very special place. Take your possition seriously!

Be believing even if the whole world doubts.

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