Saturday, April 3, 2010

Soft Blankets

Today has been a wirlwind as I have been baking for Easter - I made hot cross buns (I have wanted to make these traditional old Easter pastries for a long time and it was such a sence of accomplishment to make them!!!) and three kinds of cupcakes - easter bunnies, easter basket (filled with jelly bean "eggs") and then just pink with a bunny candy on top. I love Easter! I love celebrating the Savior Jesus and His resurrection - His giving an opportunity for new life to everyone who belives in Him.

But I woke up in a LOT of pain. So i knew that for me to get through the day I would have to be laying down for a lot of it. One tool that helps me very much with managing pain might soud funny to some of you - but it is: COZY BLANKETS. Feeling the soft warm blanket on a painful body is kind of like a gentle hug. It helps me feel protected and just puts me at ease. I suggest that all of you who have pain make sure that you have cozy blankets throughout your house. I have to have my special comforter on my bed always, and I have special blankets in the living room that I can cuddle under while watching TV or reading. Pillows are another part of this. I find that when I get myself all settled and cuzzy under blankets and with soft pillows I feel so much better and I am able to handle the pain in a better way.

In fact: now that my baking is all done I am going to end the day with a cuddle with my husband and a soft blanket right now ...


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  1. My sister makes quilts and she made me one our of flannel squares. The more I wash it the better it gets! This is the first time I wasn't able to go to church at all during lent or Holy Week or Easter. I am pretty bummed, but there was no one to take me,(Hubby and one son working, and the other son driving back to college and my Sis is sick in bed) and there is no way I could drive there and then make it through mass. I think God understands. I'm glad you had a nice Easter Ali!