Sunday, April 18, 2010


Tonight I am reminded of a pain managment tool that kind of ties them all together. Timing. I am trying to learn the balance of when to use which tools and that if I time things right it can help a lot. For example, I should have used icy hot two hours ago when I started to feel a lot of pain, but I got distracted and now I am not even sure that icy hot will do the trick. I may need to take a bath, take extra pain meds AND icy hot. Using the tools before the pain gets on top of you is KEY to being in control of your pain. Learn the signs that your body gives you to tell you that you need to use tools: sometimes I feel super tired before I even notice that my pain is really bad - it's like the tiredness is the sign warning me that I should slow down and rest or use other tools to help my body cope with the pain before it become unbearable.

This tool takes a lot of discipline and I am trying to be better ... sooo off he computer for me and time to take a dose of a few tools ...

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