Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hello Friends! I have been out of touch which has been driving me nuts, as we have been house-sitting for a place with unreliable internet. Thankfuly today I had to come done to our more permanent house-sitting place and so can update you all with an entry!
This brings me to a VERY important tool for me (and probably for you if you are reading my blod) in managing pain: the INTERNET! It might sound funny, and I get tired of hearing people complain about facebook, or the internet and make fun of those who are on it for a large part of their day .. because for me the internet is my connecting place. I am often (almost always) too tired and in too much pain to plan ahead much, and that means that I often don't see people for days on end. I would go crazy (just ask my husband as I broke down last night and I couldn't stop crying!) without the opportunity to connect with others and feel productive. With the internet I can have friendships, can know how others are doing, and I think most importantly, I can feel like I am helping even a little through encouraging notes and through this blog! All of this helps a great deal with my managment of pain. Now, I understand that if I was unable to have internet for any reason, that I would have to learn other ways to feel these important connections - through letters or writing I suppose .. but I for one am very very thankful that God has not asked me to live in a place at this point where I cannot have internet!

Use the tools that God has put in front of you to help you deal with the pain you have today ...

(if you don't hear from me it i because of the lack of reliable internet -- and I DO appreciate those of you who are praying for me as I go in for an endoscopic ultrasound with biopsies on Monday - I react badly to a lot of sedative drugs and am a little nervious! OH and in other news: I had a stress echocardiogram on Thursay and I and my sweet husband were able to SEE the swelling around my heart - which again just confirms what is causing the chest pain - now we just need to figure out what is causing that swelling!)

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  1. I love my internet too! I really don't like to talk on the phone much and writing letters is such a lost art. I have a friend who still writes little notes and mails them. I get so excited when I get one. Of course I remember the times before everyone had the internet and no cell phones...yes yes yes I am old!

    Glad that stress test confirmed to the doctors what is happening. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers on Monday.