Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do something!

Sometimes I feel like my pain takes control of me, determining everything that I can or cannot do. I think that one of the most important pain managment tools is fighting against the feeling of helpessness in regard to our pain. Even on my worst days if I can focus my thoughts on one thing that I should o to be productive and if I can just do that one thing, it helps my pain not feel so much like the big bad monster who is controling me. When I am able to do something that feels productive (and I am constantly re-evaluatng what a productive thing is for me - which may look much different than it does to someone without physical pain and disability) I feel better. It seems that just in doing that little thing I feel much better about everything. I believe that it can actually help the pain level decrease! One days that productive thing is just writing an encouraging note to someone else in pain, or making my bed, or even getting out of bed and taking a shower ... but whatever it is it can help my focus get off on my pain and onto something else!

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