Friday, April 16, 2010

the right medication

I have been on and off so many different pain medications over the last 15 years, between surgeries and everyday pain I have almost tried them all I think! Well, probably not , but it feels like it. I have always been super afraid of the use of drugs for my pain because my pain is chronic, and I was afraid of becoming addicted. Each person has different addictive personalities or not, my doctors say that I am definately not at risk, in fact they usually have to talk me into taking medication on a regular basis.

At this point I am finally on something that is slow-release and so it is always in my system and my pain is much more under control than it is off this medication. I still fight against it, but I am coming to realize that maybe I need to be on something full time. No, it isn't the best answer, or something that I am happy about - but its the way it is. Being on this medication all the time actually helps me not have to take stronger medications when the pain is super bad - because I never let the pain get too out of control.

I am not saying that each of you needs to or even should be on pain medicatin. It is a very dangerous thing that your doctor and you need to decide together. What I am saying is that you need to become informed about your options and don't just settle for something that gives you bad side effects or makes you so loopy that you can't live your life. Find out what works for you. Most hospitals do pain managment classes and these are very helpful as they often go through the different types of pain medications and help you understand what might work for your specific type of pain.

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  1. Ali, I hope you are feeling good this week. I am one of the lucky ones that can just take a Tylenol for aches and pains or a headache. On the occasional flair up of Fibro pain I take 800mg Ibuprophin. (I really think that because I take steroids everyday, that helps with any inflamation that Fibro will cause) I agree with you that everyone needs to know what works for them, and to not go overboard. I have a friend who had polio as a child and suffers with daily pain. He was on a med that made him so groggy he couldn't function.
    I am glad you found something that works for you.