Sunday, April 4, 2010



I hope that you were able to enjoy and rejoice in the Risen Savior (at home or in a church setting) - this holiday makes me so so happy.

Today I ran out of my fast-acting in haler and had left my nebulizer at home. After half of one family Easter I was struggling to breath and we still had the other family to go to! So needless to say by the time I got home I couldn't talk because I couldn't get enough air - my nebulizer helped but I noticed that the struggle to breath seems to have agrivated the swelling around my heart and so I may not be able to sleep tonight much. All of this is to illustrate my third pain managment tool - and that is to be prepared at ALL times. Makng sure that I don't run out of any medication or end up out of the house without my heating pad .. all of this can have a big impact on pain and managing it. The asthma attack didn't directly relate to my pain, but now my whole body hurts worse from spending 5+ hours struggling to breath and struggling to hide how uncomfortable I was from everyone around me. It would be much better if I would take the time to refill all of my perscriptions on time, and pack correctly or have extra stuff in the car for when we are out of the house.

A good lesson and reminder of a very important pain managment tool.

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  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have got so low on one of my meds! Ya just freak out don't you? I'm glad that even though you were suffering with your breathing issues you were able to enjoy your Easter. I have gone out and been caught without my "stomach emergency kit". Imodium, Phazyme, anti nausea meds, hard to remember everything.