Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun Memories

Today (well, technically yesterday since it is after midnight) I went to the zoo and enjoyed watching my little nephews see lots animals for the first time. It was one of their 2nd birthdays, so we had a lot of fun. But one of the most fun parts was just at the end when it suddenly began to rain (like it hardly ever rains here - super hard like in Africa!) .... my husband wanted me to run with him to find the tropical forest house - I didn't want to at first, but finally I gave it and he took my hand and ran with me through the rain - we began laughing and the stopped and kissed while the rain ran down our faces. A memory I am sure I will remember into eternity. Moments like these are sometimes left behind when we are in times of geat pain, but a very important pain managment tool (as I have said before) is happy thoughts. The art of taking ordinary moments and making them magical is an art that I want to possess ever day of my life. Not allowing little things and moments slip by without sharing them with those we love. A simple kiss, a laugh, a hug, a conversation, a cup of tea drank outside under the stars, a swing on a swing, holding a baby .... these are the kinds of things that make life so beautiful. Sometimes I find that in pain I get stuck in a rutein - I know what I can do safely and I give up too easily. I often tell my husband that I can't do something when I probably could - maybe would suffer a little for it later (like I am now with pain and unable to sleep) - but what I miss out on when sacrifice those tiny moments! I know that I can't do everything that I would love to do - some things I never will be able to do. But there are many things that I can do that are spontanious and don't put me in any real danger as far as my health goes. I would rather have the beautiful memories to help me through the times of pain, than have a little less pain but no memories to fall back on when I need them!

Enjoy the moments today - tell me what joy you found in the gift of the moment.


  1. Kissing in the rain...romantic to say the least!

    On our first date, which was the 4th of July, Joe took me to see fireworks in downtown Chicago on the lakefront. Everyone was laying on the grass looking up at the fabulous show, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. That night started our romance! Every 4th of July since then we have watched fireworks, with the kids when they were little, and sitting on the front porch now.

    Fireworks will always trigger the memories of that first date way back in 1984. Thanks for helping me remember.


  2. What a sweet memory! My husband and I were married on the 4th of July last year - we had fireworks and dancing into the late night .. i know that fireworks will always be special romantic memory for us too - and by God's grace we'll have a beautiful long love story like yours!

  3. What a great day to get married! Now, I will think of you guys when I watch fireworks too.