Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Good Movie!

Some people will just laugh when I say this: but a good movie or a good TV show is very good pain managment at times. There are times when if I wasn't able to have something to watch it would be hard for me to handle the pain I am in. I remember back when I was in college and living at home, that there were nights when I just couldn't sleep because I had to breath through the agonizing pain that I was having ... I thought I would go crazy and being alone in the room at night feeling so bad I just didn't think I could live through it. My wonderful momma would get a Disney movie and put it in for me and that would make me relax and often I would fall to sleep watching Cinderella or Fox and the Hound.

There are so many horrible movies and TV shows that have no redeeming value - but if you choose good movies and shows it can be a very helpful tool ...


  1. I love watching reruns of Raymond, Friends, Andy Griffin show, cooking shows. They can distract me just long enough to make me forget how crappy I feel!

  2. I love a good flick- helps the body relax and the mind to not focus on the pain. Great tool!