Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Defined by what?

Today has been very exciting as some of our very best friends are welcoming their second child into the world. We are babysitting the big sister and waiting for news of the arrival of this little guy. Today as we were grocery shopping with this little 2 year old girl, my husband mentioned "what if she was ours", "what if this was our life"? We have many friends and family members whose life seems "perfect" to us - they have health and children, and homes to live in which are more or less theirs. Our life looks much different as I am laying on the couch more than not, we can't have biological children, and we live in a room at someone else's house while we are house-sitting. Some of these things have a tendency to bring grief - and that is ok. We do feel moments of greif as we long for parts of life that we can't have ... BUT we have chosen to not allow that grief to define us. We LOVE life and we love each other - and we love being involved in the lives of our friends and family. To deny grief would be a lie - but to be defined by it would be a shame.

I want to be defined by my relationship with Jesus - and the great joy and peace that He gives .. no matter what!

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