Friday, February 5, 2010

He Catches their Tears

I remember years ago when I was living at home with my family and my Mommy told me that - "this isn't just your pain, our whole family is going though this." I remember the tears she shed talking about the grief of losing the hope of biological grandchildren through me. I remember her talking about how her and my Daddy had discussed my possible near death after I had a respiratory arrest once. I have seen my husband weep bitterly on behalf of my pain. I have heard him beg God to relieve the agony I was in. I have seem many worried looks from those that I love the most.

The grief is not mine alone.

Perhaps the grief of others is the hardest part of being sick for me. I feel like I can handle the grief for myself to some extent, but knowing that my pain and illness hurts those closest to me is almost unbearable. An important thing to realize is that my health is not something that I chose for myself. I have been given this illness for some reason, and God knows what I and what those around me need in life. It all comes down to trusting God with those that I love as well as with my own life.

He catches every one of their tears on my behalf.

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  1. Ali,

    Thank you for the honesty and truth you share in your words. You keep it coming!

    Sweet girl, I thought you only had costo...but as I'm reading, I'm gathering it's far more complicated that that?

    If you want to share, great, if not- no worries, please know that I have you in my prayers. And that's an adorable pic of you and your hubby! Nothing like our sweet husbands! It seems you are as blessed as I have been to have a hubby who loves deeper than any health issue we have. What a gift.