Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What will it make you?

She was a pensive little girl. So serious and grown-up for one so young. My heart hurt for her as I saw her endure horrible treatment by those who should have loved and protected her. I prayed for her day after day. I thought that with all she went through there was no way she would pull through with a smile. But I was so wrong. As she grew into a young lady I found out even more about her troubled childhood. But I also found out that she was definitely NOT going to give up - no matter what. She was determined to make the most of the life she had been given even though it had been riddled with so much grief. She would not let grief have the last word in the story of her life.

This little girl grew up to be a beautiful woman who is now an amazing loving mother. She has a strong marriage and keeps God at the top of her list of priorities. She is a victor in the battle against grief. She is an example to me.

Her story reminds me that grief can either make us bitter or make us sweeter. She contradicts those who say that if you endure suffering in life that you can't help being bitter and angry at God. Her heart is so sweet that it brings those around her to their knees in worship of a God who can do such beautiful things with a heart that is given to Him and open to live above the grief and pain.

What will your experience of grief make of you?

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