Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I love singing. God created a beautiful thing when He made music, I believe there are an endless combination of notes and harmonies each one unique and beautiful. Music is my most favorite way of expressing my heart to God.

Tonight I went to singing practice at our church - I have been on the worship team leading the congregation in singing for about 12 years. I love singing with the team. But lately I haven't been singing since I have been sick. Tonight I wanted to sing. Really sing. But singing hurt my chest so badly and I was shocked at how my voice was horse. But my heart hurt worst of all. I feel lost without my voice. This brings great grief.

How do I deal with the grief of this loss? To deny this would be wrong, but to be devoured by it would be wrong as well.

The songs from practice are running through my head, words of God's love to us, of His greatness ... these words are true and in them I find joy. The melodies are beautiful and they bring me joy even if there comes a time when all singing is taken from me - there will still be reason to rejoice in the miracle of music that God has made!

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