Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fighting the Monster

Have you even had those moments that seem like life stands still? I was standing in the kitchen today - feeling really horribly sick, and it felt like the grief just of physically being so sick was going to gobble me up whole. It felt like time stopped, and it was just me and the Grief. But, I don't want the Grief to win. I want to live and not be consumed by the grief.

This is a choice that I have to wake up and make every day. There is going to be grief in life - for those of us with chronic pain or illness and for those with pain of other sorts - grief is unavoidable. But being consumed is not. It is a battle sometimes to get up and face the monster Grief and come out victorious. But the amazing feeling of victory and joy that comes when that battle is over - so so worth it!

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