Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girl Friends

before I begin the post for today - THANK YOU for the notes of encouragement! You may not know how much that means to me!

Today I had a few girl-friends over (and a couple cute babies to play with too!). We did a closet cleaning party where we all bring items we don't wear anymore and trade with each other! What fun! I have been feeling pretty crummy this week, but having the girls come was just what I needed. Sometimes the best medicine for the grief that comes with chronic illness is just to be with others who don't mind if you are in your PJs or not wearing make-up, who let you lay down when you need to, and who enjoy being with you even though you are sick. I thank God for friends like these!

The tricky thing is that I almost NEVER want to get together - I get scarred that I am a burden, or that I won't be able to take being with people ... sometimes I think that is true, but there are times (like today) when it is just wonderful to laugh with others and share life. I have to often force myself to not cancel events that have been planned - because of fear or just feeling so crummy. But I need to remind myself that if the event is low-key I can usually make it through and it is worth it.

To all my girl-friends out there: THANK YOU for the time you give to be my friend and accept me the way I am!

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