Monday, February 22, 2010

Practice what you preach

Last night my husband and I watched a romantic comedy about a guy who was a motivational speaker who was not following his own advise until he fell in love and was helped by the beautiful young lady to see his own faults and face his own fears and griefs. The movie made me think about the dangers of wanting to help others in life and how it can never work if you don't take the time and challenge of helping yourself. You can't heal other if you refuse to be healed.

I always want to be real. This blog is my journey - a journey that I have opened to you - praying that something that I am learning will somehow be an encouragement to your life wherever you may be. But, this journey is mine and I am committed to it. It isn't easy. There are many moment of tears and moments when the pain and sadness are so huge that I feel as if I will die from the grief. But I am going to stick this out. I believe that my life is worth so much more than to be consumed by my pain. I believe that my life can be different. I believe that my life can be filled with happiness and purpose and hope.

While I do my best to encourage you, I will never turn my back on the journey that I am on, and the continual need for encouragement myself. I will do all I can to practice everything that I advocate for so continually.

I don't know what the rest of this year will hold, what the rest of my life will hold - but I am excited to walk - one step at a time with joy.

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  1. Hey Ali! I just found your blog. I'll cheer you on, if you cheer me on! ;)

    I also live in chronic pain (rheumatoid arthritis since age 14); I can definately relate to the feelings you share.

    Keep being 'real'~ High 5!!!