Friday, February 26, 2010

For God's Glory

Tonight my husband and I were blessed to sit under one of the greatest preachers of our time: Dr. John Piper. I have treasured Dr. Piper's writings and cds of his sermons for years - and the reason I value him so much was brought home to me again tonight. John Piper values GOD above all and He understands that all of our lives are most satisfied when we are glorifying God with all that we are.

I agree with Piper and I have long desired for my life to be a mirror to show the face of our great God clearly to a hurting world. That God would be loved above all - and that we as His Creation - would be satisfied in Him alone - no matter what we face in this life - and even because of what we face in this life.

So - I was thinking about the journey we have been on with this blog this month - the journey of dealing with the grief that comes with chronic pain and illness. The biggest reason that I find it so important for those of us with chronic pain to deal well with grief and learn to live above it is because I believe that by our living in joy above the grief we bring glory to the One who is so worthy. The grief that comes with pain has a way of drawing attention to ourselves - and getting pity for ourselves - but God has such a bigger and better plan for us! He knows that when we get the attention and pity from others we will never be fulfilled. He knows that in allowing HIM to be our joy even in pain - that we will point others to HIM and He will be worshiped because of our lives.

Dealing with the grief is not just good for us - it is so incomprehensibly important and part of the beautiful mystery of God's Holy Name being glorified above all.

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