Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Apple Blossoms

Today I stood under an apple tree and prayed that I would be a better wife. The blossoms were magically beautiful - full of life and fragrance - and the chilly spring air was tickling my nose as I breathed in the blessings of spring. God made each apple blossom so gloriously intricate and delicate. I could gave up through the branches and see the pure blue sky above. God is BIG - and yet His creation shows the intricate attention to detail and beauty that He has. He cares about beauty, and about our enjoyment of the earth all around us. He made so many things that point to His love for us and His desire that we see Him through what He has made. All of this makes me want to be the best at what He has asked me to do - and at this point in my life the title of wife is the biggest job before me. It would be easy to come up with excuses every day of how I can't clean or cook for my husband, or how I am too tired and weak to take a walk or sing with him while he plays guitar ... BUT then I would be missing out on so much of this adventure of being his wife! And I would be missing out on the treasure of blessing this man that I love more than life itself.

Let me be like the apple blossom: although fragile and weak in many ways it points to the glory of God it's Creator - and brings joy to all those who take the time to look ...

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  1. I am sure that your Husband cherishes you as much as you cherish him. I love being married too. After 25 years of marriage I still get excited when I hear him come in the front door after work.