Sunday, March 7, 2010


The first night after being admitted I woke up in a drugged haze and asked where my husband was ... my nurse said (in a very angry voice) "He probably needed a BREAK' ... and then as she walked out she said    "You are going to wear him out".  Aside from the fact that this nurse was totally rude and out of line in judging our marriage - this is another area that I can be loving to my husband even while in the hospital.  I wasn't born yesterday, believe me I know that sickness is exhausting for those who love me.  It breaks my heart to see the grief on my sweet husband's face.  I also KNOW that my husband loves me and he wants to be able to take care of me and be with me. However, I asked him to go home every night because I know that is one way that I can show my love to him by helping him get a good sleep.

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  1. WHOA!! Sounds like that Nurse doesn't like her job. I'm sure your husband would want to stay with you all night but it's right to send him home for his sleep. I have done the same. Feel better and I hope you don't get that horrible nurse again.