Monday, March 1, 2010


I was unable to blog yesterday as I am dealing with being quite sick with something like a kidney stone or infection ... I had wanted to not skip any days but have realized that is impossible for me.

BUT - now we are into a brand new month! I want to focus on a specific aspect or area of living in chronic pain each month - last month the focus was on grief. This month I want the focus to be on how to be a good spouse while in pain and ill. As a young wife (we've been married almost 8 months!) I am well aware of the fact that my health and pain affects my sweet husband. I am also aware that I desire to glorify God in my marriage and be unselfish as I deal with pain. I want to focus on all of these aspects this month.

Tonight I decided that a pizza for my husband was a good idea. It would be easy to feel bad because of the fact that I cannot always cook a good from-scratch meal for my hard working man when he comes home from work. He is totally happy with his pizza, and I need to just allow myself the ease of a ready-made dinner and not beat myself up about that. I can show him love by doing what I can to provide yummy food for him even when I am sicker than a dog ... just one way that I can love on him while in pain.

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  1. My Husaband gets frozen pizza at least once a week. I always feel guilty. I grew up in a house where we all sat down to dinner together to a hearty meat and potatoes meal and I did the same for my family before I got sick. Now I feel bad when I just give him grilled cheese and soup. But you know what...he is happy just to see me up when he comes home. He would eat a peanut butter sandwich and be pleased. We have good Husbands! YAY for us!