Thursday, March 4, 2010

in the hosp.

I have not been on the blog lately - I am in the hospital after a CT scan showed swelling around my liver and so i have been here for the past 2 full days. The doctor is trying to piece together all the random issues that I am having ...

As far as being a good wife while in pain - I have been really trying to focus on my sweet husband while being in the hospital. sometimes it takes asking him to go home to sleep or asking him to go make sure that he eats .. he would like to just sit with me and hold my hand all the times, but my loving him is sometimes shown by being ok enough for him to feel the freedom to take care of himself even while he is taking care of me.

I hope this made sense - I am on a LOT of pain medication. Even in this I have joy and I have joy in the strength God is giving me to do my best to be a good wife even while in the hospital!


  1. Ali,

    I've felt prompted the past 2 days to post a comment and just tell you that I'm praying for you. I'm sorry I'm just now doing this. Please keep us posted on how you are doing? I'm praying that your doctor has discernment and wisdom in your case.

    And thanks for reminding all of us to love our hubby's with joy even amidst our pain.


  2. A wonderful loving Husband is a good thing, Treasure him.