Monday, March 29, 2010


I didn't expect this day to go as it did. Either did my husband. He was working out in the rain and suddenly found himself with a dead truck. I was sitting all cozy on the couch when he called me to come andget him in our car. I don't drive much - but thankfully I was close and I went to see what could be done. Just that simple thing and I could have gotten mad at the truck for breaking , or mad at my husband for driving an ulreliable truck, or mad at God for making it cold and rainy today - in that moment when I heard his voice on the phone I had a choice to make my attitude good or bad. By God's grace I choose to have a good attitude about it ad jumped in the car to go to hi rescue. The smile on his face when he saw me pull in next to the truck was all the reward that I needed. I thought that I would end up going back to sitting on the couch visiting with my sisters and brothers ... but instead I ended up helping my mother-in-law with some work for her small farm (long story but we had to wait at the farm to charge the truck's battery). I didn't want to help out there because it was cold and I know how my body reacts to cold. But since it was just an hour I did what I could and she was very grateful. My husband and I got to drive together from dropping the truck off at the mechanic and had a spontanious little afternoon date while we talked about our day and dreamed about our future. It was a lovely afternoon and so much joy came out of something that could have been so bad.

All of this would have been totally different if I have chosen to react badly to the crisis of a vehicle breaking down and my husband having to stop work in the middle of the day. A split-second choice can affect so much, and our attitude is often the only thing we can control.

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