Thursday, March 25, 2010

To the Dump!

Today I was so excited all day waiting to go to the dump! I waited and waited all day for it to happen, and I was preparing for dinner and everything so that I could enjoy the time goig to the dump. Sound strong? Well, the dump is a 30 minute drive from our house and my husband was going to use the old red Ford Farm truck (which we drove away from on our wedding) to take the dump and I was going to go with him. This means that I would sit as close as humanly possible to him (which I love) and we could talk and just be together.

When you think of the dump it is a place full of garbage and it stinks so bad -- but even the thought of going someplace like that is wonderful when you have someone who loves you to go with. Any time spent with the one you love can become a date if you let it! This reminds me of the purpose in doing this blog - to find the joy in life even in the midst of pain. Even the yucky parts of life that feel like garbage can be redeemed and beautiful with Love involved. God gives enough Love to transform pain into joy - just like my husband's love transforms the dump into a wonderful date! To be honest, I didn't notice the garbage at the dump at all. My husband and I shared a symphony chocolate bar together and listened to his MP3 player (one earphone in each of our ears). What a joy!!! All that it was to me was a time to be with my Sweetheart talking, and enjoying each other.

Enjoy this day weather full of garbage or not by looking past it into the eyes of the One who loves you!

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  1. Romance in the garbage dump??? Now that is true love!