Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't Compair

She's exercising again. Seems like every time I talk to this girl she is expercising, OR working super hard at her very important job, OR giving to others - babysitting, helping others who need help. She is just plain amazing!!! I have noticed that as I get to know her more, I feel worse and worse about myself. I feel unattracive and like the little things that I do are nothing. I feel like I don't work out or take care of my body as much as I should. I feel like I am lazy for watching TV as much as I do. I feel bad for sleeping in. I feel like a bad wife since this girl is an amazing wife. I feel like I could never match up. I can't work and provide for the needs we have. I can't do almost anything this woman does. I feel like if I can get clean clothes for my husband and food in his tummy I am doing well. If I take a shower that is a big accomplishment. If I walk outside around the house once I feel like I have exercised. There is no compairison between us.

But who asked me to compair myself with her? She does not have the same life that I have. She doesn't have the body and health that I have. I may be able to take some principles that she uses in her life and adapt them to myself, but to try and be just like her would be ridiculous - and would probably kill me! Why do we (especialy woman) feel that we have to compair ourselves with other women? God made each of us nique, with gifts and talents that we are called upon to offer to the world in serve and witha voice that we can raise in praise to the God who we love. We are made differently and God loves us.

When I told my husband that I felt jealous of this woman he said "I didn't marry her - I married you!"

When I look at her she is everything that I wish that I could be more of in so many ways ... she is so physically and mentally and emotionally strong and useful to the world. But God gave me to this man that I love more than words can say - and he loves me and is still with me even after my crazy emotional silliness and being so inecure. I am loved. I am unique. I was made to worship God. And THAT is what I need to focus on. Not on how many times this woman exercises or does amazing things.

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