Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just ask

Today it was windy -The kind of wind that makes you wonder if you'll have power to watch American Idol in the evening. The kind of wind that makes you wonder if the house will be ok situated in the woods as it is ...the kind of wind that makes you know there is a BIG God out there.

My husband works outside. In the wind. In the rain often, or the snow, or the heat. He is out in it day after day. Then he comes home to me. And I am ashamed of the times when I don't welcome him right away by asking him how his day went. He pretty much knows how my day went. He knows that I have been laying around watching TV, doing stuff on the Internet, cleaning the house or cooking ... he knows that I spent my day alone - but he still asks how my day went. Like I have said before, chronic pain comes with the danger of selfishness. I (and all of us) need to fight against that day after day. Those of us who are married can fight it in simple ways, and one of those is just in asking him how his day went. Not rushing forward to complain about the day we had in pain, but to really care enough to ask him how his day went - what happened at work? What things is he proud of that he did that day? What things did he see? How did God work in and around him in his day? Just ask.

It may seem like something small. But it opens the door to show the man that I love, who has promised to stay with me in sickness and in health - that I care about him first and that I care about his day.

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  1. I think we are all guilty of wanting too much from our husbands/partners after we have been alone all day. I confessed to Joe last week that I think I am becoming too needy and dependant on him. He just looked and me and told me it was okay. Sometimes he will call me from work and tells me that he just needed to hear my voice...now that makes my day. I think ever so often we are allowed to depend on our spouses too much...because they know that we will return the favor someday.