Monday, January 4, 2010

6 months as a wife!

6 months ago the unbelievable (in my finite mind) happened. After waiting for what seemed like forever (I was 30) I was married to the most wonderful man on the planet. I didn't think that anyone would choose to love me and accept the life that being my husband would bring. My Best Friend knew everything about me and my health and he still promised to love me "in sickness and in health" - it takes a great man to willingly sign up for a life that is different than what our culture calls "ideal". In the vows that he wrote for me he said that he accepted all that I am as God's gift to him.

ALL that I am.

Seeing someone accept me like that has done something in my heart that I didn't know was possible. His unconditional love has made me look at my own life differently, and go further in the process of acceptance of sickness as part of my life than ever before. This is a process that I think will be lifelong for me - and I will probably go through times when I fight against the weakness of my body, but I do hope that I learn more every moment. This 6 months have been healing for me. We have talked about issues more than I have with anyone else, and he still loves me even in my worst moments of doubt and fear. I want to be a better wife for him every day. I want to love him with this pursuit of a higher path in suffering. He makes me want to be the best that I can be - and it is for him that I am on this journey.

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  1. That certainly sounds like a marriage worth waiting for! I am so proud of you for accepting God's timing...look at the blessing poured out because of your obedience! Praise God.