Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thinking of Others

I enjoy watching people. Sometimes I try to imagine what the story is behind the woman who sells me groceries, or the UPS delivery man. Each person, young or old, man or woman or child has a story. Pain has a way of being consuming. When you are constantly aware of how your body feels, it can be distracting from anything else. This can be so damaging to relationships and can isolate you from the people around you. I want to explore ways to fight against this isolation.

One of the best ways I know is to think of others. It might seem too simple, but it can be the bridge between the little island of pain and self-pity to being a vital part of the human experience. Ever person, no matter how strong they appear, has some kind of pain in their life. Disappointment, loneliness, depression, the list could go on and on. When I choose to think of others it forces me to go outside of myself and outside of my pain. You are NOT the only person in this world who is hurting! Stop the cycle of selfishness and look to the needs of others and how you can help them. You might think that you have nothing to give. I have felt like that many times. But even laying in bed you can help others through prayer. I would encourage you to begin a prayer journal writing down the needs and hurts of others and then record how God answers those prayers as you continue praying. This is just one way to think outside of ourselves. I want to put this into practice more and more every day of my life. It is never too late to switch the focus off of yourself and on to others!

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