Monday, January 18, 2010


Sometimes happiness and living come in strange forms.

Rather than thinking of the things that I cannot do on this lovely crisp sunny winter day, I have been buzzing around DOING what I can. Today has been fun as I have dug into possibly my favorite resource: THE INTERNET. Yes, I cannot work at the moment - BUT I am finding ways I might be able to make money online through recipe contests, writing contests etc. Yes, I might be frustrated with my health situation - but I can access great home pain relief tips online, or healthy recipes, etc. Yes, most days I can't spend visiting friends in person - BUT I can talk on facebook or email friends all over the world! The Internet is a great resource for those who are house-bound, bedridden, or just in too much pain to do many physical activities. Use the resources like the Internet to change your perception of your chronic pain or illness.

The Internet like anything else can be used for horrible awful things .. it can be addictive.  It cannot totally substitute for personal relationships face to face .. I often hear people criticise the Internet or mock it and people who use it like I do.  But, to those people I challenge you to think about what you would do if you were stuck at home most of the time without a job, without access to fellowship much in person ... the Internet can be a very helpful tool!  Even a tool for very valuable ministry to others!

With the click of a mouse you can be transported past yourself and into education, fellowship, inspiration and laughter!

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  1. Stumbled across your blog on ChronicBabe and I am so impressed/inspired by your postings. You completely embody what I feel but have never before expressed about a content and full life despite pain.