Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doing too much

Sundays are always busy. This morning I woke up and pushed myself to get ready for church, we got there at 10 am and enjoyed fellowship with wonderful people, good music and inspiring teaching. Then off we went to the store to pick up a birthday gift for my 17 year old brother. Over to my parent's house where I helped mom set the table for a delicious dinner. Then held my month-old nephew while trying to eat dinner. Helped my mom do some research on a project she was working on, and finally playing with my 2 year old nephew. Phew! By 5 pm I suddenly was DONE. We had been planing on stopping by my husband's parent's house for a quick visit - but that just couldn't happen. My body was screaming to me to stop.

Today is a lesson in what NOT to do. Sometimes it is inevitable that we will have busy days. But knowing how today's activity will affect tomorrow and this week reminds me that sometimes the most important thing is to say NO and do less. Spacing activities out rather than having many things to do in one day is a lesson that I have obviously not yet mastered - but I am going to be working on it more this year!

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